EMR Embedded Solutions

Cerner Corporation offers MPages as way to customize workflows within Cerner Millennium® at the Organizer or Chart level within the PowerChart® framework. This powerful tool allows clients to create custom workflows where the possibilities are endless. This allows you to create custom views of data within Cerner Millennium or integrate information from outside the EMR directly into the clinician workflow. For example, information that resides in analytics or decision support tools outside of Cerner Millennium can be embedded in PowerChart and presented in user and patient context. Or let us help integrate third party applications into Cerner PowerChart to support a more seamless workflow for clinicians.

What is MPages?

Cerner Corporation offers MPages as way to customize the display of Cerner Millennium data at the Organizer or Chart level within the PowerChart framework. MPages is a combination of two technologies; CCL and HTML. The PowerChart framework allows for the creation of custom components based on the Millennium user role. The custom component invokes a CCL script which performs a Cerner Millennium data query and returns to the PowerChart framework the Millennium data embedded within HTML code. The custom component simply renders the HTML like any internet browser, allowing for a custom display of Cerner Millennium data. Information stored in systems outside of Cerner Millennium can also be presented in custom components within PowerChart by using application programming interfaces (APIs).  

MPages Services

JASE Health helps Cerner clients understand MPages technology and how it can be used to solve unique workflow challenges. JASE Health can provide design and development services for creating MPage views within PowerChart. Cerner clients must license the MPages Development Toolkit from Cerner before taking advantage of this powerful tool. The major benefit to MPages is that is unlocks the power of the Cerner Millennium database and allows customers to create views within PowerChart that otherwise would not exist. MPages solves many of the unique workflow issues that Cerner customers face today and unique workflow challenges that Cerner cannot solve with a solution that works for every single customer out-of-the-box.

Embedded MPages Projects

JASE Health has experience solving unique workflow challenges using MPages. Below are a few examples of the type of work we’ve done.

  • Integrated decision support information from outside Cerner Millennium directly into the clinicians workflow
  • Launched applications with user and patient context from the PowerChart Organizer (user context) or the PowerChart Patient Chart (user and patient context) levels
  • Created tailored MPages components that bring together data from multiple sources into a single view
  • Programmed MPages components that support both read and write capabilities