Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)

CRISP is a regional health information exchange serving Maryland and the District of Columbia. JASE Health has worked with CRISP to integrate patient data into the Cerner workflow to provide health care professionals across the region with access to patient community health records directly within their EMR.

New York Hotel Trades Council & Hotel Association of NYC Employee Benefit Funds engaged JASE Health to supplement staffing on various projects to meet specific workflow needs. Some examples include:

  • Custom Mpage components that fit within the clinician workflow (Women’s Health, Recall)
  • Discern Rules to alert providers
  • Custom interface work
  • Custom CCL programming
  • Visit Summary customization


Xsolis engaged JASE Health to help integrate their platform for their Cerner Millennium® client base. This project included data extraction and front-end EMR integration. 

 Xsolis requires a broad set of clinical data from the EMR. JASE Health wrote CCL extracts to provide near real-time information to the Xsolis platform. These extracts were used to fill gaps at clients where information was not already available via another source or a HL7 interface. The extracts provided a consistent format that met the Xsolis data specifications that could be implemented across clients with minimal configurations or modifications. 

 Xsolis users often work in both Xsolis and the EMR. This can be cumbersome for users to log-in and navigate both applications. The Xsolis application was integrated into the EMR so it can be securely launched within the EMR with user and patient context. 

JASE Health worked with CoxHealth, a Springfield, Missouri based health system with close to 500 employed physicians, to integrate data from their Cerner hospital system into the CoxHealth Express patient portal.  The integration included pulling patient demographics, results, scanned images and more into the portal so patients can access this information at their convenience. CoxHealth and JASE Health also developed the ability to retrieve a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) into the portal from Cerner. As a result, CoxHealth obtained ONC-ATB certification for their portal solution.

Go to the following link to see more about the CoxHealth Express portal: CoxHealth Express (YouTube)

JASE Health worked with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to integrate data from their outpatient electronic medical record system (Epic) and their inpatient Cerner system. The project utilized UPMC’s health information exchange system (dbMotion) to share patient summary information in a standard format called Continuity of Care Document (CCD). As CCD records are requested through dbMotion, the central processing engine developed by UPMC staff parses through the CCD record and makes a series of web services calls to Cerner Millennium®. The outpatient information is available to staff when treating patients in the hospital.

Read more about UPMC’s Interoperability strategy here: UPMC Innovation

JASE Health worked with Jane Phillips Medical Center (JPMC), a Bartlesville, Oklahoma based health system, and PatientSafe Solutions, a third-party medication patient safety solution provider, to integrate data between the two systems in order to provide JPMC staff with real-time access to data when administering medications. PatientSafe’s PatientTouch™ application supports bedside medication administration and uses patient data from Cerner to ensure the right medication is given to the right patient at the right dose and the right time.

Read more about the PatientTouch™ deployment at JPMC here:  JPMC PatientTouch™