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The Reboot: One Year Later

The Reboot: One Year Later

One year ago, I posted “The Reboot” blog. Now, it’s time to reflect on our predictions. In this blog, I’ll share our progress from the past year and look forward on what’s next to come.

The Reboot

 This week marks my official return to JASE Health since 2014, when I co-founded Sansoro Health (now Datica). As we reboot the company, JASE Health will embark on vast growth and expansion over the next several years. JASE Health was founded in 2007, after I left...

Next Chapter

This past week, Sansoro announced the merger of Sansoro Health and Datica and shared what the newly combined Datica company means for the health care market. As I head home and wind down this week, I had an opportunity to reflect not only on the merger, but the past...