CareAware is the next generation of web services technology and CareAware connects devices to the clinical health record to enhance workflow and improve care. CareAware iAware is a solution from Cerner that allows information from many sources to be displayed in one easy to use view. Information from infusion pumps or other monitoring devices, electronic medical records, departmental system or information from the internet such as a personal health record can all be displayed in this framework. CareAware iAware is the framework of choice to provide a contextually relevant view of clinical information.

Cerner is working now to develop a set of web services that will expose functionality across Millennium domains that facilitate custom application integration with the Cerner architecture. This is very similar to MillenniumObjects®, but the CareAware® iAware services offer a different protocol using JSON rather than XML. An interesting post on the differences between XML and JSON can be read here. CareAware® will also support OAuth for security.

CareAware® provides for the following integration:

  • Medical Devices – Link
  • iBus – Link
  • myStation™ – Link
  • AlertLink™ – Link

Jase Health will help Cerner clients to better understand the CareAware® services and Jase Health will monitor the development of this service offering as more and more URIs are published.