What is MillenniumObjects®?

MillenniumObjects® is a Java-based, web services toolkit that allows for read and write access to Cerner Millennium®. The read and write access is secure and safe by virtue of the security built into the APIs provided by MillenniumObjects®.

Cerner clients who want to use MillenniumObjects® to develop their own application or those wanting to integrate third-party solutions must know that all projects require a Cerner Certified Objects Engineer (CCOE). This means a developer is trained and certified by Cerner to use the MillenniumObjects® toolkit.

Custom Solution Development

Jase Health helps Cerner clients create custom solutions and integrate third-party solutions within their Cerner Millennium® environment through the use of MillenniumObjects®.  Jase Health will provide a resource that is certified as a CCOE. This means that Cerner clients can begin a MillenniumObjects® project now rather than waiting to send resources through the formal training. Keep in mind that any company that claims to have MillenniumObjects® experience must have a CCOE on staff before they are able to help with MillenniumObjects® development and provide full production support.

Sample List of MillenniumObjects® Integrated Solutions:

  • Patient Portal Integration – Several customers have brought patient clinical and demographic data into a proprietary or 3rd party patient portal.
  • Physician Portal Integration – Several customers have provided patient data for their providers in a proprietary or 3rd party physician portal.
  • MediServe Respiratory Rehab Integration – LINK
  • PatientKeeper Mobile Device Integration – LINK